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Since 1999 we have established relationships with nearly 40,000 people who have Sales & Marketing experience in the UK FMCG market.  From Board Level to Area Sales Manager.


The Recruitment Revolution, Alliiance RMS, Bristol


Still unsure as to whether we can help? Wondering if we are genuinely different from our competitors?


Consider the following:


  • Since 2008 21% of CVs submitted to our clients end up having an interview with them.  A blip?


  • Since the inception of AllianceRMS we have achieved a remarkable success rate that 44.12% of our candidates that have a first interview, go on to have a final interview.  Imagine the time you would save by using us!


  • Recruiters are too expensive? Despite offering a premium service, our actual average fee is now comparable to the cost of advertising yourself – but with added benefits!  Conducting your own search generates hundreds of applicants, all requiring a response, even to say no!  We respond to every applicant promptly, saving you time. Furthermore, imagine spending £5000 and still not finding anyone.  Or you hire and even worse, they leave after a few weeks! Well we only invoice you if we are successful with the back up of a free replacement service for at least 3 months (see our terms and conditions of business for further details) meaning you only have to pay once.


  • We work in your sector.  It helps us understand your market and your needs.  For example, instead of bombarding you with phone calls over the last few years, we know things have been tough, so we positively limit our marketing to keep our footprint as light as possible; giving you the space to concentrate on your business.  Our aim is for discrete contact once a month.


  • Hidden costs? Simple terms, with no hidden ‘extras’.  AllianceRMS have never charged clients for supplying cars to new employees (have you checked the terms of your chosen recruiter, as at least one major competitor charges £1000+VAT for supplying a company vehicle for sales people!)


  • Discretion?  Why advertise the fact that you have a gap in your team?  Letting your competitors, or potentially more damaging,  your customers know before you’re ready for them to find out?  Take control of potentially difficult situations with our help.


  • Need someone fast?  Why suffer lost sales or have senior managers covering junior roles? We are quick to short list, and less time-consuming in terms of your input; leaving you worry free!


  • Briefing ever changing ‘consultants’ at your preferred recruiter?  Well, we specialise in your market and have for over 25 years.  Sometimes we may even be able to suggest a better solution. Many clients trust us enough to find the right people with minimal input.  Occasionally an email outlining a vacant territory is enough.  They know and trust the job will be done.


  • Finally, we respect our candidates and they know it. We have candidates who do not respond to adverts because they are fed up of non-responses and they know we always keep them informed of events.  Many are even happy in their current role but will listen to AllianceRMS if the right role comes along.


If you would like an honest and open discussion about any potential or current recruitment need contact us on 0117 403 4040 at anytime.